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The Luxury Elixir

Apply THE LUXURY ELIXIR morning and night using the massage shown in each of the phases. Begin by applying 3 to 5 pumps of the product to your fingertips. Distribute it around the forehead, cheekbones, chin and neck by rubbing gently.

Facial Sculpting Massage

Neck - Jaw - Mouth

Rictus - Cheekbones - Forehead

Spread the product and sculpt using the hands from the neck to the forehead. Perform smooth movements around the whole face. Then, perform the specific massage indicated in the corresponding Phase. End the ritual by applying your usual cream.

Massage Phase 1
Apply for the first 10 days



Forehead - Eyebrows

SHIATSU PRESSURE. By applying pressure to parts of the face, the Shiatsu facial encourages the activation of certain energy points, improves circulation, activates cell regeneration and rebalances the skin.

Apply sustained pressure with 1 or 2 fingers.

Massage Phase 2
Apply for 10 days after finishing Phase 1

Chin - Lips

Cheekbones -Temples

Eyebrows - Forehead

PERCUSSION TAPPING. The movements of this technique are based on small fixed pulses inspired by the TAPPING technique. The pulses strengthen the facial musculature, release tensions and promote a state of relaxation and wellbeing.

Perform small pulses using the middle finger.

Massage Phase 3
Apply for 10 days after finishing Phase 2

Neck - Chin

Rictus - Cheekbones

Eyes - Eyebrows - Forehead

JAPANESE FRICTION LIFTING MASSAGE/KOBIDO. The Japanese lifting facial applies friction to different muscle groups to tone, regenerate and firm the skin. Follow the indications in the pictures, beginning the massage with the neck and continuing up to the forehead.

Perform upward friction movements to areas with sagging.

The global eye ritual

The eye contour

Special protocol based on activation and smoothing manoeuvres with a draining-decongestive phase and a modelling-lifting phase. A complete ritual so that your eye contours acquire a radiant appearance, full of vitality.

Step 1

Moisten two cotton pads with the specific makeup remover. Place the pads on each eye for a few seconds to moisten the leftover makeup. Then, slide the pads in an L shape, downwards and outwards until the makeup is completely removed.

Step 2

Apply a small amount of THE EYE CONTOUR to the lower eyelid, upper eyelid, temples and the area between the eyebrows, with small dabs. Spread the product around the whole eye contour with circular movements.

Step 3

Using the tip of your middle finger, make a pumping pressure on the lower and upper eyelids. Repeat several times and smooth outwards towards the temples. With all the fingers covering the eyes, make decompressing pulses.

Step 4

Carry out upwards circular manoeuvres in a spiral to smooth the zone of small wrinkles. Work on each eye, holding the skin down with the other hand

The eye patch

To boost the anti-wrinkle action, we recommend applying The Eye Patch.


Press the fluid chamber with both thumbs towards the patches. Shake until the patches are completely moist. Remove the film and apply with the smooth side on the clean skin. Once removed, finish with THE EYE CONTOUR. (Step 2 to 4). Finish the ritual by applying your usual cream to the rest of the face.

Recommendation: Use THE EYE CONTOUR in the morning and/or at night and apply THE EYE PATCH once a week or before an important event.

Ritual: Cream and Serum

After your usual facial cleansing, begin the ritual by following the treatment in 4 steps.

Step 1
Stimulating phase

Carry out small energising pinches in the areas of the forehead, cheeks and rictus.

Asterisk PINCHES pinch

Step 2
Application of the product

Apply a small amount of cream to the 5 points for the face: forehead, cheekbones, chin, neck and décolleté.


Step 3
Smoothing stage

Carry out smoothing motions with the product you have applied over neck, chin, nose and forehead, following the direction of the arrows.

Perform the movements in a synchronised manner on both sides of the face.

Step 4
Decongestive phase

Once you have spread the product, make small energising pressures with the fingers in the area of the eyes, nose, lips and neck.